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Our Services

1. General plan

plan with existing dimensions, indicating the material and thickness of walls that can not be dismantled; engineering communications  links (water supply, sewerage, ventilation, electricity, gas supply etc.); sides of the world orientation;

2. Architectural and planning task

explanatory note - includes the wishes of the clients, which can affect the interior design (size of the family, hobby, lifestyle, etc.)

3. Dismantling plan

all dismantling structures are indicated on the drawing: walls, windows, doors, engineering communications.

4. Wall installation plan

the drawing includes walls' information: size and location, material, doorway and alcove dimensions; window and doorway marking.

5. Explication plan

is a reference material containing technical characteristics: the purpose of the room, information about the living and technical area.

6. Doorways plan

the drawing includes dimensions and location of the doorways, walls' thickness where the doors will be installed, locations of the doors' stoppers; Doors' specification indicating the type, material, all sizes, way of opening and the list of door fittings.

7. Furniture layout plan

the plan of the room with furniture and equipment installation, indicating the size of furniture (main and built-in).


8. Floor plan

the plan shows the area, size, type and floor coverage article for the different zones, steps, podiums and floor levels; Layout scheme, including décor layout scheme and transition lines between different coverages. If necessary, floors layers indication.

9. Floor and furniture plan

the plan allows you to see the placement of the décor and layout of the floor tiles combined with furniture installation.

10. Heating floors plan

the plan shows the placement of the heating floor, type, coverage area, placement of thermostats.

11. Plumbing plan

the drawing contains plumbing equipment information, indicating the location, type and size, including water towel rails etc.

12. HVAC plan

indicating the type, size and location of: heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment. 

13. Ceilings plan

the drawing shows the type, material, ceiling size, individual nodes and sections. Suspended ceiling design. Possible overlap with the lighting layout.

14. Lighting layout

the plan indicates the type, number and total energy consumption by zones; control groups, type and arrangement of switches; equipment placement links, including power supplies.

15. Electrical equipment plan

plan indicates power outlets type, location and destination. Drawing of the electrical switchboard with controllers, switches and RCD. Low-voltage plan. 

16. Walls' layouts

walls' projections, scale drawn, indicating the size and type of material (wallpaper, decorative plaster, decor, tiles with dimensions, taking into account the seams and the direction of installation, indicating the manufacturer, collection and article); With the placement of furniture and equipment; power outlets and switches.

17. Visualization

3D Studio Max photorealistic images of your interior and exterior.

18. Oder List

a complete list of materials and equipment needed to implement the project. The document contains the name, article of the manufacturer, quantity and approximate cost of materials.

Notes *: construction material (sheet and loose material, profile, consumable material, etc.) is not included in this list and should be calculated in construction and installation outlay.

19. Recommendations for the selection of sanitary equipment, furniture, lamps and decoration.

20. Furniture specification

complete list of furniture used in the design project. The document contains the name, article of the manufacturer, quantity and approximate cost.

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In our work we use PDCA cycle and SWOT analyse.


To make your dream come true you should plan everything in detail, fix on paper to see how it will look at the end and analyze all threats and opportunities


What you will get:

Architectural & interior design