Project management

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Our Services

1. Detailed expert advice on the refurbishment or new construction of your property

2. Free construction assessment including detailed cost calculation

3. Planning of the entire construction process on request providing Russian-speakimg architects, interior designers, constructors and managers

4. Implementation throughout the tender process of all suppliers and companies, presentation of the best estimates with recommended activity

5. Management and coordination of the entire construction process, weekly photo documentation and monthly construction cost accounting

6. Daily construction site checks

7. Discounts and any price benefits obtained by Inwork are passed onto the customer

8. Administrative support for any local bureaucratic matters

9. Legal advice by lawyers

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In our work we use PDCA cycle and SWOT analyse.


To make your dream come true you should plan everything in detail, fix on paper to see how it will look at the end and analyze all threats and opportunities


What you will get:

Project management